May 25

Time Out… I don’t like umbrellas!



One of the worst things that can happen to a guitarist just happened to me. I cut out a piece of my right index finger with an umbrella and had to get stitches. Yes, right – with an umbrella… That means time out from playing guitar because of an umbrella!


How could that happen?

Well, I am still not quite sure to be honest. I was on my way to do some sports and it was raining in Berlin. I had a small umbrella with me and it was kind of windy. The umbrella was blown away. I grabbed for it in an instant and daaaaang… blood dripping down my finger.

Cut Finger


What? A piece is missing… ?

First I thought it was just a small cut but when I took a closer look I noticed that it was not that small at all. Actually, it was split open and looked like a piece was missing. Luckily, it didn’t hurt at all initially and I grabbed a cap to drive me to the next hospital as I felt I should better act fast to get it fixed.

Cut Finger II


In The Hospital

In the hospital the doc said that the worst pain will come right now when she sets the injections to numb my finger. Great day! Anyway, after the anesthesia kicked in I felt nothing anymore and my finger got stitched. The ride back home however was hell. I had no medications and the pain kicked in after the anesthesia faded. Oh my dear… this was a fun ride home.



Stitched like cloth

The most recent picture of the stitches shows that it is somehow healing together again.

Stitches II


The glass is half full

I hope to be able to play the guitar normally again soon and without any limitations. The good thing is that I will provide the rest of my right hand fingers an extra workout 😉

Bandage playing


Lesson learned:


They are evil 😉 – have a great and safe day![/panel]






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