July 1

Boogie Jam Tapping (+TABS)


Advanced Tapping

Here you find the video of the tapping part in my song “Boogie Jam”.

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The Tuning is standard (E A D G B E)

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Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


Boogie Jam, tabs, video

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  1. Love the Music! You a few others have inspired me to pick up my guitar again. I had wearied of playing the same old chords and sounds with only slight variance depending on the songs. I feel like a huge horizon has opened before me in experimentation and sound.

    Thanks agan!!!


  2. Tobias, I am sure you have heard this a thousand time, but you are a very special, excellent guitar player. The way you play and things you do with the guitar have changed my outlook on acoustic guitar playing. Thank you for the inspiration, and motivation to pick up my guitar and play, which is something i cherish very much.

    Always a fan,


  3. Hi Tobias ! Could you please make a tutorial for tapping riff ? I’m tapping the fret board but the sound is too small not loud than u ๐Ÿ™ (sr about my bad english xD)


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